Group Profile

Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive, technological and modern large enterprise mainly engaged in crude salt production, marine chemical engineering, marine aquaculture and wind power generation, with joint development of engineering installation, machinery repair and manufacture, technological research & development, marine logistics, biotechnology, food and health care, micro-credit, real estate development and other fields. With total assets of 3.0 billion yuan and 3,000 employees, the Company has an annual sales income of 1.6 billion yuan, with profits and taxes of 300 million yuan. It also has annual productivity of 1 million tons of sea salt, 3,000 tons of bromine and 1,500 tons of prawns, brine shrimps and other aquatic products. The Company is vice chairman unit of China Salt Industry Association, the largest sea salt producer of Shandong, national-level pollution-free aquatic breeding base, and is the first in the salt industry system of China to receive certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. It was awarded "Fumin Xinglu Labor Award" and the honorary title of "Consumer Satisfaction Unit of Shandong", "Contract-observing and Promise-keeping Enterprise of Shandong", "Shandong Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations", "Advanced Enterprise in Salt Industry System of Shandong", "Scientific Environmentally-friendly Enterprise of Shandong" and "Experimental Enterprise of National Marine Chemical High-Tech Industrialization".

In recent years, Huitai Investment Group has seized the historical opportunity of the construction of blue and yellow zones, and focused on the development of eco-industry, clean energy and other emerging marine industries. We have invested 1.1 billion yuan and built the largest blue economy industrial park in north Shandong, with a planning area of 150 square kilometers. The park is mainly used to develop marine chemical engineering, pollution-free marine aquaculture, clean energy and other industries, with annual productivity of 40,000 tons of potassium sulfate, 120,000 tons of refined salt, 240,000 tons of magnesium chloride and sulfuric acid, 130,000 tons of DAP, and 100,000 tons of new building materials. Potassium sulfate, magnesium chloride, industrial refined salt and other products produced in the park have filled the production gap in north Shandong region. The project of extracting potassium sulfate from seawater bittern was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the national "11th Five-Year Plan" sea water utilization demonstration project. Marine chemical industry led by potassium sulfate extraction from seawater bittern will become a point of economic growth in the future development of the Company and has huge development potential. It will play a positive role in promoting the Company's and local stable and rapid economic development.

The Company adheres to the business philosophy of "Repaying the Community after Development" and gives full play to its advantages and strength to support local public welfare and charity. We have totally donated more than 500,000 yuan to help more than 50 students in poverty become university students, and donated over 3.4 million yuan to support the development of education; we also donated more than 1.4 million yuan to build roads, activity centers and rural culture compounds for villages around the enterprise, and donated 570,000 yuan to help people in a disaster area restore production and life. According to incomplete statistics, our donation to education, helping people in distress and poverty and road construction has totaled to 10 million yuan, and we have set up charity funds of totally 100 million yuan. We're interpreting our true repayment to the society with our own practical action, arousing widespread response in the society and receiving wide acclaim from the local government and the community.

Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd., relying on efficient and realistic management and innovative development ideas and with rapid-growing economic benefits and social contribution, has become a local well-known enterprises and taxpayer, received widespread concerns from leaders at all levels and all walks of life, and become a typical representative in the rapid and harmonious development of private economy. We believe that, in the near future, a large enterprise group with international market, scale production and diversified capital is about to rise. Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd., like a bright star, is rising on the coast of vast Bohai Sea.

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