Social Responsibility

Navigating Charity with Love, Making Glorious Contribution with Responsibilities

Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "Repaying the Community after Development" and gives full play to its advantages and strength while strengthening self-construction to fully support local public welfare and charity, interpreting our true repayment to the society with our own practical action.

We have donated more than 2 million yuan for road construction of Fushanzi, Gaotian and Chajian and over 200,000 yuan to build "Rural Elderly Activity Center" and "Rural Culture Compound" for villages surrounding the enterprise. We have totally donated more than 200,000 yuan to help more than 50 students become university students. In March 2006, we donated more than 2.4 million and built a complete primary school covering an area of 31 mu and with a high-standard teaching building that can hold 12 primary school classes and 3 kindergarten classes. In March 2008, on the mobilization meeting for the reconstruction of unsafe buildings of primary and secondary schools in Wudi County, we donated 1 million yuan to support renovation of primary and secondary schools in the county. In May 2008, after "5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake", we donated 270,000 yuan to help people in earthquake-stricken areas to restore production and life. In November 2008, we donated 55,000 yuan to the construction of Futaizi Primary School, Mashanzi Town to reach the standard. In June 2009, we subscribed 10 million yuan donation to establish the first corporate philanthropy fund of Binzhou. In 2010, after the earthquake in Yushu, we donated 200,000 yuan to the Red Cross Society of Wudi County for the recovery and reconstruction of earthquake-stricken areas; we also donated 100,000 yuan to Binzhou Samaritan Foundation; at the "Shandong Charity Award" Awarding Assembly on May 21, we set up charity fund of 30 million yuan; on May 25, at the mobilization assembly of Binzhou "Charity Award" Awarding & "One Day Donation to Charity" Activity, we subscribed 20 million yuan to the charity fund and donated 1 million yuan on the spot; in September, we donated 200,000 yuan on the inauguration of Beihai New District Middle School of Binzhou. At Binzhou Charity Evening Party in 2011, we subscribed 10 million Yuan to the charity fund and donated 300,000 yuan on the spot; our subordinate enterprise Huitai Real Estate Co., Ltd. subscribed 20 million yuan to the charity fund; in July, we donated 50,000 yuan to the construction and renovation of roads in Guaizi Village, Lique Town, Guangrao County, Dongying; in August, at the inauguration meeting of Beihai Economic Development Charity Federation, Binzhou, we set up charity fund of 10 million yuan and donated 200,000 yuan on the spot; In December, at the groundbreaking ceremony of No. 1 Experimental Middle School of Beihai New District, Binzhou, we donated 1 million yuan to support the development of education in Beihai New District. In November 2012, we donated 10,000 yuan to parents of Zhang Lei, a martyr in Wudi County; in 2013, we donated 100,000 yuan to Lu Jialei suffering from serious illness.

By adopting the mode of "company + base + farmer households", we established Shengdong Planting Cooperative of Beihai New District jointly with local government. We have invested fund, technology, labor and resources in rural areas and combined them with rural land and labor resources to support farmers to develop planting, breeding and other small projects according to local actual conditions; we provided technology, fund and resources to them and led local people in employment and income increase. We not only resolved the issues of many migrant workers' employment but also achieved income increase of farmers and rapid development of rural economy, greatly improving the level of rural regional economic and social development and making greater contribution to the promotion of new rural construction.

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