Aquaculture product
Spirulina Powder

Jinsheng spirulina powder is dark green and of Family Oscillatoriaceae, Phylum Cyanophyta, also known as blue green alga. It has primitive and simple cell structure and is the earliest photosynthetic organism on the earth. Spirulina is rich in protein as high as 60-70% and has reasonable amino acids; especially rich in carotenoids, vitamin B12, iron and linoleic acid.

Product features:
1. Reach in protein, it can be easily digested and absorbed, with , digestion rate of as high as 80%; it can be used as bait directly or as feed additives indirectly;
2. To promote the growth rate of aquatic livestock;  
3. natural pigment enhancer for aquatic livestock, for color enhancement; 
4. anti-radiation, anti-disease and improving survival rate.

Scope of use:  
Jinsheng spirulina powder is widely used in aquatic breeding of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, sea cucumbers, etc.

25kg/paper drum

Place it in a cool and dry place to prevent from direct sun light and keep it at low temperature.


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