Aquaculture product

It is scientifically called Penaeus Vanmamei. It is eurythermic euryhaline tropical shrimp, of Genus Penaeus, Family Penaeidae, Suborder Natantia, Order Decapoda, Class Crustacea, Phylum Arthropoda. It is commonly known as white-limb shrimp or white shrimp. It is like Chinese shrimp and Mergui shrimp in appearance, with the average life expectancy of at least more than 32 months. The adult can be as long as 24cm, with thin shell; it is normally light gray, with no markings on the body. Its pereiopod is often chalky, therefore it is also known as "white-limb shrimp".

Product features:  
1. Jinsheng vanmamei has received certification of pollution-free agricultural product from the Ministry of Agriculture;  
2. They are green and pollution-free; they eat natural Artemia rather than feed. 
3. Vannamei is fat with thin shell, delicious and nutritious;  
4. The dressing percentage is as high as above 65%; they can live for a long time out of water.

Productivity: 9,000 tons annually


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