Corporate Objective

Main industrial development planning of Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd.

(1) Based on regional resources advantage, take national pollution-free farming project as the basis, develop eco-fishing ranch, build a healthy, high-value and modern seawater breeding base and promote the rapid development of aquatic products processing industry.

(2) Strenthen transformation to build China's million-ton sea salt production base and develop high value-added products of sea salt.

(3) Vigorously develop the marine chemical industry, carry out the high-tech industrialization project of potassium sulfate extraction from seawater bittern and utilization. achieve "multi purposes" of seawater resources to form a cycle economic and ecological industrial system with salt, bromine, potassium and magnesium bittern and fine chemical industries as the mainstay and recycling of waste as a support, and with close industrial correlation and composite entity symbiosis.

(4) Carry out technology integration innovation, build phosphorus chemical engineering and comprehensive resources utilization project; produce high-concentration fertilizers, feed and food grade phosphates, as well as new building materials; comprehensively utilize industrial waste, eliminate environmental pollution and promote sustainable development of phosphorus chemical industry to meet the needs for the development of efficient ecological agriculture and animal husbandry.

(5) Carry out large desalination demonstration project to to address the lack of fresh water for enterprises and surrounding areas and form bromine extraction from concentrated hot water, salt production and utilization systems.

(6) Use the broad beach and abundant wind resources to develop wind power generation and build a clean energy production base.

(7) Make thermal power industry bigger and stronger to meet the needs of medium- and long-term industrial development and development zone construction.

(8) Give full play to local brine resources advantages, expand the chlor-alkali resin and marine chemical industry chain; focus on cultivation of inorganic chlorine and organic chlorine products that can strongly promote structural adjustment, achieve product product serialization and diversification to meet the needs of enterprise development and the market demands.

(9) With local oil and gas resources, develop oil chemical, organic chemical engineering and synthetic materials, achieve fine chemical industrialization in new fields, and provide the proportion of fine chemicals and value-added products.

(10) Expand a dedicated wharf for salt cargo and build a modern port logistics center.

(11) Grasp the strategic opportunities of efficient ecological economic development of the Yellow River Delta, the development of the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and Beihai New District construction of Binzhou, further integrate the integrity of local water, geothermal, wind, aquaculture, salt, ports, shipbuilding, solar , islands and other resources to develop industrial tourism economy with an integration of sightseeing, dining, entertainment and circular economy according to the differential marketing strategy.

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