Brand Culture

I. Quality Policy
We have proposed eight quality management principles according to ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System and determined the following quality policy on the basis of the Company's actual conditions: Taking product quality as life of the enterprise and taking customer demand as our pursuit.

II. Cultural Philosophy
Corporate spirit: unity, integrity, innovation, transcendence
Corporate objective: innovation & development, serve the society
Business philosophy: scientific decision-making, pursuit of excellence
Corporate Values:
1. Management values: continuous improvement; infinite management
2. Business values: be market-oriented to meet customer needs.
3. Employment values: People-oriented, fair, open, just, competitive and merit-based.
4. Marketing values: Quality first, seeking for win-win situation.
5. Social values: Honest and trustworthy, benefiting the society.
6. Development values: Adhering to expansion and be based on a primary business with appropriate business diversification.
7. Work values: Work earnestly and be honest in life
Corporate Culture Slogan:
1. Be market-oriented, integrity-based; take talents as the fundamental and development as a precondition.
2. Innovation needs efforts and development needs competition.
3. Business is synchronized with the market; management is integrated with the world.
4. Stress unity to carry forward team spirit; value technology to promote development; strengthen management for better profits.
5. Dare to compete, good at and win the competition.
6. Making every effort.

III. Employees' Oath
I am honored to join Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd. and hereby solemnly swear:
I would like to take up this responsibility, make progress and pursue excellence.
Keep disciplines and be loyal to the Company;
Have the dedication and make contributions in work;
Follow instructions and bear responsibilities for superiors;
Instruct, strictly control, cultivate and show loving concern to subordinates;
Kindly help and cooperate with workmates;
Study diligently and strive to improve and support myself.
In the journey of life struggle, be tenacious and set a good example; work hard and march forward courageously; develop and create brilliance with the Company!


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